Case Studies

A green alternative for a European repellent brand


Our client, a leading repellent brand in the European pharmacy market, owns a wide range of synthetic repellent products covering protection against all insect pests, including lice, ticks, and tropical mosquitoes.

However, with the changing consumer preferences for natural products, the client soon faced with the challenge of offering consumers a plant-based alternative to their existing collection of synthetic repellents. They approached us to develop a plant-based repellent range to cater to consumers who prefers natural products.

Case Study


Our R&D team was able to develop a new plant-based repellent range that is sold under the same brand as the client's existing synthetic repellent products.

By expanding the repellent range into natural-based products, our client managed to grow thei sales revenue by targeting both existing and new customers. As a result, the client increases their brand share and even strengthens their market position against their competitors.

We have since extended our collaboration with the client beyond classical repellents, and havebeen helping them to develop other products, such as head lice treatments.

An extensive repellent range for a major European sporting goods retailer


A major European sporting goods retailer was seeking a CDMO partner to support them in the development, production and regulatory registration of a wide repellent range, for human and pets, under their own private label.

The two main challenges of our client's requirements were to navigate through the highly varied biocidal product registration in each European market and the high sustainability standards set in the packaging materials - the use of only recycled plastics.

Case Study


We listened to our client's needs and provided them our expert advice to identify suitable plug-and-play repellent formulations which met their end consumers' diverse needs. Concurrently, we initiated the development of a new repellent formulation that aligned with the customer's specifications.

At that time the packaging industry was relatively inexperienced with recycled plastic packaging. We had to conduct extensive storage tests at various climates in our laboratory to ensure optimal stability of the end products. After development of an assortment of repellent products, we were able to make a mark for our client by supporting them to register nine products across 19 countries.

We continue our thriving collaboration with the client and have since helped them to deliver more products to the market.

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