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Safe and broad-spectrum effective wound rinse for consumer household use


There is a growing awareness of the risks associated with wound infections caused by contaminants, dirt, and microbial contamination, even after minor injuries. Adequate wound rinses can prevent non-healing wounds, painful inflammation, and infections.

Our client is a large multinational corporation in the pharmaceutical OTC business. European competent authorities impose significant regulatory hurdles, limiting options for active ingredients and extending time to market. The client's business was under pressure from a competitor selling an outdated but commercially successful wound rinse.

Case Study


Drawing on our extensive knowledge in wound care and our vast scientific network, we identified a technology previously only used in hospitals.

In less than a year, we leveraged existing efficacy data, adapted consumer-friendly packaging, obtained approval for consumer use, and agreed upon label claims with competent authorities.

Our client now offers a technology that is superior to all existing wound rinse solutions in terms of onset of action, efficacy, skin tolerance, and ease of use. Due to the excellent safety profile of the product, it is even approved for use in children as young as 1 year old.

With a distinct positioning, superior efficacy, and excellent safety profile, our client can stand out from its competitors by offering advanced solutions.

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