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November 24th, 2023

Beyond Pills: The Evolution of Nutricosmetics Delivery Formats

Beyond Pills: The Evolution of Nutricosmetics Delivery Formats

In the preceding articles of this series, we delved into the world of nutricosmetics, uncovering their significance, the scientific underpinnings, and the active ingredients propelling this burgeoning market forward. Now, as we conclude our exploration, our focus now shifts to an intriguing transformation unfolding in the nutricosmetic domain — namely, the emergence of innovative delivery formats.

It’s evident that the nutricosmetic landscape is not only evolving in terms of ingredients but also in delivery formats. The conventional pill is no longer the sole medium for delivering beauty-boosting nutrients. Brands are steering towards innovation to meet the demands of a diverse consumer base that values both efficacy and experience.

The surge in popularity of gummies is a testament to this trend. Gummies were the fastest-growing format in the vitamins, minerals, and supplements category, with a staggering 44% growth rate between 2019 and 2020. This shows how consumers are shifting their preferences towards more convenient and enjoyable ways of taking supplements.

Beyond gummies, various non-pill formats are making their mark, comprising a substantial 41 % of the market. The era of one-size-fits-all pills is giving way to a myriad of options that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.


Top supplement delivery formats in 2022

Capsules, powder, and tablets have traditionally been the favored and prevailing choices for delivering nutricosmetic supplements, capturing the preference of a significant majority of users. Credit: Innova Market Insights


Beyond The Pills: Redefining Nutricosmetics Experience


According to market research, a significant shift in consumer preferences is evident, with more than 35% expressing a preference for emerging supplement formats over traditional capsules and tablets, despite these alternatives being newcomers in the market.

The demand for more convenient options tailored to diverse lifestyles poses a challenge to established formats. Consequently, the nutricosmetic industry is undergoing innovation, as brands strive to offer creative alternatives that align with evolving consumer needs, introducing a dynamic shift in the landscape of supplement consumption.

To attract consumers to alternative supplement delivery formats, brands need to highlight appealing features such as improved sensory appeal or ease of digestion. Among the innovative delivery formats that have gained substantial popularity are ready-to-drink beverages, powder mixes, gummies, and concentrated tonics and elixirs. These options have swiftly emerged as practical solutions for daily consumption, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences.

Nevertheless, the exploration of novel supplement formats is not without challenges. They have to contend with concerns related to bioavailability, pricing, and the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance.


Why Innovation Appeals


woman drinking powder supplement

The younger generation enthusiastically embraces novelty and variety by seeking products that diversify their beauty routines, including collagen drinks, antioxidant gummies, or vitamin-enriched chocolate bars. Credit: Shutterstock


The younger generation’s quest for novelty and variety has breathed new life into the nutricosmetic landscape. This demographic looks for products that offer diversity in their beauty routines, appreciating the ability to mix things up. They may sip on a collagen-infused drink in the morning, snack on a gummy bear packed with antioxidants in the afternoon, or indulge in a chocolate bar enriched with vitamins and minerals in the evening.

These creative consumable options blur the lines between dietary supplements and everyday beverages or snacks, aligning perfectly with the fast-paced, modern lifestyles that consumers lead. They also delight the senses with their convenience and taste, ensuring that the journey to beauty and wellness remains enticing. These products not only deliver results but also provide a flavorful and enjoyable experience.

This fusion of efficacy and enjoyment marks a new era in the beauty and wellness sector, where the consumer is not just a passive recipient of benefits but an active participant in a delightful journey towards enhanced well-being.


Elevating Ingredient Quality Through Microencapsulation


Vitamins, minerals, proteins and oils are sensitive to heat, light and oxygen, and require protection to maintain its efficacy and health benefits to the end consumers. Microencapsulation is a technology to achieve this protection.

Microencapsulation embeds active ingredients in protective shells, often made of polymers or lipids, protecting the sensitive nutritional ingredients from environmental factors, resulting in better stability and longer shelf-life.


technology of microencapsulation

Microencapsulation is process that coats active ingredients with protective shells to enhance their stability and release. The shells act as barriers against environmental factors that could degrade the ingredients. Credit: Shutterstock


Microencapsulation also allows the delivery of higher efficacy at lower dose, thereby maximizing cost-efficiency in the end consumer product. For instance, microencapsulation of delicate active ingredient like collagen peptides, which is vital for skin health in nutricosmetics, shields it from degradation, ensuring structural integrity until it reaches the targeted site of the body.

Furthermore, microencapsulation improves the bioavailability of active ingredients. This technology prolongs the survival of probiotics, improving the viability of probiotic bacteria under processing, storage, and delivery to the gastrointestinal tract. Encapsulated probiotics in gummies provide a convenient, intact option for consumers.

Microencapsulation is only one of the advanced delivery technologies. Micellar structures, micro-dispersions, carrier-proteins and multi-layer capsules also contribute to optimizing efficacy and satisfying consumer preferences in the advancing nutricosmetics.


Striking a Balance: Navigating Consumer Preferences in Modern Supplement Delivery


While emerging supplement formats appeal to a specific group of consumers who value novelty, variety, and enjoyment, there is still a large segment of consumers who prefer the traditional formats.

Consumer research shows that Millennials are most open to all delivery product formats, while tried-and-true formats, such as capsules and tablets, continue to reign supreme. Therefore, it is important for brands to offer a diverse range of options to meet the needs and preferences of consumers of all ages.


millenial taking capsule

As emerging supplement formats attract those seeking variety and enjoyment, traditional formats remain popular, particularly among Millennials. Brands should provide a diverse range of options to cater to consumers of all ages and preferences. Credit: Shutterstock


Segmenting consumers is a crucial strategy that enables brands to precisely target specific groups. This segmentation is based on factors such as technology adoption, meeting the needs of busy lifestyles, and reaching the wider mass market. In the mass market, prioritizing factors such as taste, cost, and convenience become paramount. Success in the market hinges on the ability to understand and cater to these nuanced preferences.

Taste is one of the key factors that influences consumer preference for nutricosmetic products. It can improve the consumption experience. However, taste is subjective and varies by region and culture. Brands may need to customize their products to match the local palate and preferences.

Moreover, creating good-tasting nutricosmetic gummies can be a challenge, as it is difficult to find the perfect balance between the taste, texture and shelf-life. For instance, some active ingredients may have a natural bitter or fishy taste that can affect the product’s appeal. Brands need to mask the natural taste of the active ingredients, and yet achieve prolonged nutritional benefits and palatability within a gummy platform, where its moisture content determines the texture hardness or softness, and product stability.

Going forward, brands need to distinguish themselves by developing edible supplement innovations that caters to the senses of taste, smell, feel and sight to appeal to the demanding consumers.


Pioneering The Future of Beauty from Within


asian woman touching her face

Nutricosmetics embody a holistic approach to skincare, addressing beauty from within. Credit: Shutterstock


As we bring this nutricosmetics series to a close, let’s reflect on the key insights that have unfolded throughout our exploration. The series has illuminated the fact that nutricosmetics represent more than a mere supplement; they embody a holistic approach to skincare, addressing beauty from within. The industry’s growth is a testament to its ability to meet evolving consumer expectations, marking the convergence of nutrition and cosmetics as a powerful force shaping the future of beauty and wellness.

At the core of this dynamic industry lies innovation — the lifeblood that propels nutricosmetics forward. As science advances and consumer expectations evolve, the industry must continuously adapt to create products that resonate with a diverse and discerning audience. The interplay between science and consumer preferences is instrumental in crafting the next generation of nutricosmetic solutions.

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